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Collaboration for Educational Equity

We will collaborate with you to provide sustainable student achievement and organizational success.  This begins with fostering diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural competence within each organization.

Student Success * Diminishing the Achievement Gap * Equity Journey

Call us today at (312) 446-9994 or email us at Together we can create educational leaders, faculty, administrators and support staff who are committed to developing culturally competent organizations and communities.

The results are environments that create success for all students, diminish the achievement gap and create an understanding that cultural change is not a “quick fix”; it is a measurable and sustainable Journey to Equity.

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About Us

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Diversity, equity and inclusion expert Bea Young is a pioneer in the field of Climate and Cultural Change.

She has created “Collaboration for Educational Equity” to celebrate her many decades in the field of social and racial justice...[Read More]

Equity Journey Components

  • Internal and external cultural assessments

  • Diversity strategy integration

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competency training

  • Assisting Search Committees in their quest for diverse staff

  • Creating and sustaining commitment for all stakeholders

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Press Room

News About Bea Young

Bea has received many awards over her career; in fact, in l968 she was featured in the Chicago Tribune for her work in race relations and most recently she has received the “Dare to be Great 2011” award from the Illinois Women in Educational Leadership...[Read More]