About Us

Bea YoungBea Young is a pioneer in the field of Educational Equity and Cultural Change. Her passion for this work began in the early l960’s when she and her students in a Black Chicago high school revised the history curriculum to include the missing roles of African-Americans, primarily based on oral history gathered by her students interviewing family members.After writing her master’s thesis in l964 on African-American history, she taught a graduate course at the Center for Inner Studies of Northeastern Illinois University entitled, “The Educational Implications of African-American History.” This led her to Mississippi in 1964 to develop the curriculum for the Civil Rights’ Freedom Schools…[Read Bea’s full bio]
Michael Kilgore worked as director of education and planning at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics during the 1980s. Over the past four decades, he has also partnered with Bea Young, managing corporate and educational change efforts related to diversity and now educational equity. He coauthored scores of cultural audits for corporations and school organizations, including those for...[Read Michaels’s full bio]
Sue O’Halloran has been a Senior Consultant with Bea Young Associates: Collaboration for Educational Equity since 2005. Sue and Bea have designed a new workshop for the Illinois Association of School Boards entitled, “Equity: An Educational Imperative.”  This program will be delivered at the Triple I Conference on November 22, 2019. It will then be offered to school districts and facilitated by internal IASB staff certified by Bea Young Associates.….[Read Sue’s full bio]
Joan Woolwine is an educator with multiple years of teaching and administrative experience in public, private, and college environments. She focuses on literacy acquisition and Equity at the classroom, building, and district levels. Joan began working with and learning from Bea Young in 2005 when her district implemented a Cultural Audit. Based on.[Read Joan’s full bio]
Erica Walker ThomasErika Walker-Thomas has a strategic partnership with Bea Young Associates, LLC and over 18 years of Human Resources and Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency experience. As an experienced consultant she has expertise in client relationship management, global workforce dynamics from acquisition to retention, community relations, and global diversity issues…[Read Erika’s full bio]
Maria Elena MedinaMaria Elena Medina is a seasoned bilingual (English/Spanish) and multicultural professional with more than eighteen years of non-profit, corporate and multicultural sales, marketing and advertising experience combined with over twelve years of diversity consulting, training, recruitment, project management, event planning and community relations expertise. She has worked with Bea Young for almost a decade…[Read Maria Elena’s full bio]
Duane BarnesDuane Barnes has been a facilitator of training for profit and nonprofit organizations, assisting teams of small and large groups in such areas as diversity, inclusion and overall team building. For the last 20 years, he has conducted focus groups and developed reports and recommendations based on key themes from the focus group insights. He has facilitated Train-the-Trainer sessions where his consulting skills have empowered many organizations with the internal capability to implement their own programs…[Read Duane’s full bio]